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Dr. Diet Therapy

"Eat right and cure your disease without the hungry feeling"

Dt Deepshikha Garg

Dietitian and Consultant Nutritionist. Dehradun

Weight loss/ weight gain/ Diabetes/ Hypertension/ Gastritis etc ...

Dt Deepshikha,practising since 2002 as a senior Dietician under IDA(Indian Dietetic Association) is the founder of Dr Diet Therapy.

A motivational speaker,an expert Dietician,positive and professional person who loves helping people look and feel the best they possibly can.She is a strong believer of healthy living and motivate people in developing healthier diets and lifestyles.

She has transformed the lives of many patients through her healthy diets and inspiration on living a healthy life. Clients all across India are getting benefitted from her advice after thorough analysis.We feel happy to inform that several clients from overseas are also getting benefitted.

She started her career in the specialized hospital as a Dietician in 2002 and journey in health and fitness started from here.After having Experience as a Dietician in multi specialized hospitals( Kaithal Nursing home,Hry, Gyanjyoti hospital

Ogeasvi gensys hospital Healing touch hospital),VLCC,APOLLO,Dehradun ,she is serving people and believe to offer the best guidance on health and wellness.

Dr Deepshikha always says "Eat Right and cure your disease without the hungry feeling". She aims to spread the message of wellness and the art of dieting through healthy eating.

She is highly dedicated towards motivating and spreading healthy lifestyle awareness among the people.

Why to choose Dt Deepshikha Garg as your Dietician.

Highlights of Dt Deepshikha's Diet plan...

  • •  Simple,safe and easy to follow
  • •  No starvation
  • •  No mono diet
  • •  No high protein diet
  • •  No heavy exercises
  • •  Customized diet plan based on requirement of individual